Sigmund Aberin
Contemporary Mixed Media Metal Canvas Suede
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Photo by Chris Lee


My paintings allow figurative exploration through Mixed Media. They are an attempt to
capture a snapshot of a trivial moment. To immortalize what initially seems insignificant. Creating visual tangibility through the textures I generate, Making them accessible for all who want to see. We all take the risk of having our emotions out
in the open for judgement. Understanding how vulnerable we are. As artists, we are much more prone to such scrutiny. Yet shedding that vulnerability will leave us clothed and comforted. We are no less prone to that type of thinking but, still afraid regardless of what other people say. Through the juxtaposition of styles I have been experimenting with and the results that I have achieved, I find that sometimes the truth that we hold as artists can be bent and even broken.


Long Beach - June 12 - 26, 2007
Gallery Exhibition

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